How to properly use and assemble Snow Chains in your car

Tips on how to put snow chains this winter and advice on maintaining chains, as well as driving safely. Get more info here: best tire chains

In winter, snow becomes one of the biggest enemies of drivers, so snow chains are the essential accessory to carry in the trunk of your car.

First, choose the right snow chains for your car tires:

The size of the tires will affect which snow chains to use,so you should always check that the desired measure is on the packaging.

You can check your car's tire size on the side of the car,or in the vehicle's manual.

Try to put the snow chain on before you need them

Practice makes perfect - it is a good idea to practice installing snow chains at home before trying to do it on the road for the first time.

Another good tip is to bring a rubber mat and a pair of gloves in case you need to adjust the snow chains on the road - these prevented your knees from getting wet and your hands cold!

In addition, keep your snow chains in an accessible place in your car trunk, as this will make it easier to find them in the dark or in bad weather.

Snow chains must be placed on the vehicle's drive wheels,either the front or rear wheels, depending on the car model.

However, all vehicles with drive wheels, that is, 4x4, it is advisable to put chains on the four wheels, even if there is only one set must always be placed on the front axle of the wheels that are responsible for the change of direction.

Safety when typing with snow chains

Before driving with snow chains, you should drive carefully for about 30 meters, then stop to check that the chain is not loose.

Re-tighten the chains, if necessary.

When driving with chains you must not exceed the speed of 50km, you must avoid changing gears and violent braking or dangerous overtaking.

We must keep in mind that the behavior of the vehicle is different when driving with chains on the pavement without snow or ice, so it's necessary to drive at a moderate speed, to avoid damage to the vehicle, due to vibrations.

Maintenance of snow chains

After using chains it is advisable to wash them with water and let them dry at room temperature before storing them in the box, in order to ensure better maintenance.

However, for the proper use of snow chains it is important to follow the manual and maintenance of cars in the section on snow chains.